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The company focuses on the machining of components from the aerospace industry acording to various aerospace standards for surface coating.

In order to meet the diverse requirements, KURZIUS Aerospace GmbH employs qualified specialists for its core competences. Customer-oriented solutions are developed in a young dynamic team, quality and flexibility are our top priority. In order to ensure this in the long term, the KURZIUS GmbH trains junior staff as a recognized training company.

KURZIUS Aerospace GmbH was founded on 21. December 2005 by Josef Stich under the former name SIL STICH Industrie Lackierung GmbH. Since the beginning, in addition to the core business of surface coating, simple and preparatory assembly activities have been carried out.

in July 2014, Daniel Kurzius and Thorsten Kurzius took over the company from the previous owner and company founder Josef Stich. In the years that followed, a consistent and purposeful orientation towards the requierements of the aerospace industry took place.

Today the production processes for surface technology meet the highest requirements of the aerospace industry. The production processes have been further developed in recent years in a customer-oriented manner, so that in addition to the most common painting processes, electroplating surface treatments such as anodising and passivation, component blasting, assembly activities and other various chemical pretreatments are also part of the range of services offered by KURZIUS Aerospace GmbH.

In addition to the expansion of the production competences, the spatial prerequisites were also created so that KURZIUS Aerospace GmbH is now active at two locations with administration and production in Erwitte and Bad Sassendorf.



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